Creventive Design Events Production Management
Creventive Design Events Production Management



Creventive will take the headache out of organising any event. With 26 years collective experience in the industry, Jason and Lexi know the tricks of the trade. We know how to deliver above your expectations and within your budget, no matter how large or small.

We will consult on design, create the look and feel, produce and source everything you need to hold an outstanding experience for you and your guests.

Whether you are planning a reception, gala award dinner, wedding, fashion show, film premier or marketing event, Creventive will be there every step of the way.


Running out of ideas? Need help with brain storming? Creventive will be on hand to assist.

Whether we produce the end result or not, we will happily spend whatever time you need to make sure the creative juices begin to flow - after all we love to talk!

With a diverse experience in budgeting, project management, efficiency exercises and creative consulting, Creventive knows exactly what you need and we will help you look over your proposals and budgets to ensure you are maximising your opportunities and getting what you have paid for.  

Many Event companies often do not give bespoke quotes even though some say they do; Creventive will weed out the unnecessary bells and whistles and be transparent with what you have actually been quoted.
Technical jargon can be deceiving and we are there to help. 


With 26 years in the industry, Creventive knows how to achieve the perfect event. If you would like Creventive to ‘white label’ under your company for your client purposes then we are happy to do so based on a daily rate for whatever time you need.