Victoria & Albert Museum - European Launch Party

It’s been none stop at Fisher HQ and we have been fortunate to be part of many, creative events this year.

One of our stand out events has been to design and produce a European Launch Party for a special client of ours.

The V&A played host to this special occasion for 400 guests which fused the East with the West.

Using the elite of the events industry, Event Concept, Urban Caprice, TwobyTwo, Veeves Carter and Great Hire, we transformed The Dome into an Eastern setting in just 45 minutes.

We loved working on this event and can’t wait to continue working with these amazing clients.

Creventive Events Reception twobytwo_BOS_Victoria_Albert_Museum_0024.jpg
Creventive Events Reception twobytwo_BOS_Victoria_Albert_Museum_0031.jpg
Creventive Events Reception twobytwo_BOS_Victoria_Albert_Museum_0009.jpg
Creventive Events Reception twobytwo_BOS_Victoria_Albert_Museum_0298.jpg
Creventive Events Reception twobytwo_BOS_Victoria_Albert_Museum_0339.jpg

Photo Credit Noah - TwobyTwo